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Do you want one of the most functional RVs Coachmen offers? Do you want an innovative yet practical RV? Do you want a motor home that captures what RV beauty really is? Do you want Value AND reliability in your off-road castle? Then you want the Coachmen RV that the President of the company owns himself: The Coachmen Pathfinder

The Coachmen Sportscoach Pathfinder sites on a Frieghtliner Raised Rail Chassis. The well-moving Class A is powered by a Cummins Diesel and a 6 Speed Allison Transmission

Access to your gear and toys is easy as the Pathfinder is quipped with automotive styled aluminum side-hinged cargo doors.

When you step inside the Coachmen Pathfinder you’ll be thinking, “is this a house, or is this a luxury apartment?” The Coachmen is filled with residential styled amenities like: hardwood, cabinet doors, designer furniture and high-gloss polished ceramic floors.

The Coachmen Pathfinder RV is offered in 4 over-the-top affordable and luxurious layouts.

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